14-hour Janata Curfew In India, People Confined To Houses

14-hour Janata curfew in India, people confined to houses
14-hour Janata curfew in India,

On the appeal of the Prime Minister in India, on March 22, due to caution against Coronavirus across the country, the Janata curfew was restricted to public houses, while all business and transport were also closed.

Narendra Modi had appealed to the people in his brief address to the people on the night of March 21 that they should be confined to their homes from the morning of March 22 until 9 o’clock in order to secure the whole country.

The Prime Minister made it clear to the public by using the word Janata Curfew in his address to the people that means that the government is not forcing them to be imprisoned in their homes rather, the government is appealing to them to voluntarily confine their homes.

According to Reuters news agency, on the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the people restricted themselves to houses from the morning of March 22, when no transport was seen on the roads.

14-hour Janata curfew in India,

The report said that business in the major cities of India was completely closed, while the temples also appeared empty and people did not appear anywhere for any purpose.

In a tweet, Narendra Modi appealed to the public to remain confined to homes only after the launch of the Janata Curfew, he said in a video message that those who perform the duties of public duty can leave the house in this curfew.

According to Reuters, the curfew was imposed across India and businesses were closed in all cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Poona, Hyderabad, and no public transport was seen on the roads.

Not only the general business was closed in the country economic hub Mumbai, but also the factories were closed while offices were also closed.

Although there are usually holidays in India on Sundays, many business centers, offices, and public places remain open, but all routines remain suspended on March 22, however new cases emerged from India on March 22. After that, the number of patients in India increased to 370.

On the other hand, India Today reported in its report that after a successful Janata Curfew March 22, the central and state governments decided to extend the curfew for another 15 days.

The report quoted a government official as saying the central and state governments have jointly decided to maintain the curfew until at least March 31.

The report said that according to the decision curfew will remain in 75 districts of India till March 31 however, the districts will be announced by the state governments themselves.

Officials said the curfew would be implemented in the same district where Corona cases have surfaced.

The curfew is likely to be implemented in several sub-districts of the state, including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and several other districts of Punjab.

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