America’s successful test of hypersonic missiles

America’s successful test of hypersonic missiles. The US announced that it had successfully tested a prototype unarmed hypersonic missile, a weapon that could potentially dominate the opponent’s defense system.

America's successful test of hypersonic missiles
RUSSIA – OCTOBER 17, 2019: Launching a Kalibr high-precision ship-based land attack cruise missile from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate as part of the Grom-2019 military exercise. Video screen grab/Russian Defence Ministry/TASSÐîññèÿ. Ïóñê âûñîêîòî÷íîé êðûëàòîé ðàêåòû “Êàëèáð” ñ ôðåãàòà “Àäìèðàë Ãîðøêîâ” ïî öåëÿì íà áåðåãó â õîäå ñòðàòåãè÷åñêîãî êîìàíäíî-øòàáíîãî ó÷åíèé “Ãðîì-2019”. Ñíèìîê ñ âèäåî. Ìèíîáîðîíû ÐÔ/ÒÀÑÑ

According to the report, the Pentagon said that on March 5, the experimental missile flew at a certain point at hypersonic speeds, which increased the sound speed by 5 times.

The experiment was a continuation of the US Army and Navy’s first combined experience in October 2017, when prototype missiles showed a target moving at hypersonic speed.

In a statement, Vice Admiral Johnny Wolf said, ‘Today we have validated our design and now ready to move on to the next stage of the HyperSonic Attack’.

The Hyper Sonic Weapon is capable of carrying combat warfare, especially nuclear warheads, is a new and dangerous level for many. ‘

These missiles are capable of traveling much faster than nuclear-capable missiles at significantly lower altitudes.

During the flight, they can also change their target and do not follow the prediction command like conventional missiles, which makes it difficult to track and stop.

Even as a conventional armed non-nuclear weapon, analysts are seen as raising the risk of conflict because opponents may not know how well-armed they are and when they are launched.

The Pentagon is putting pressure on Moscow and Beijing to race the Hyper Sonic missile, even fearing it will raise the threat of nuclear conflict.

In the fiscal year 2021 budget, the US Department of Defense requested $ 3 billion 20 million for the Hyper Sonic program, which is $ 2 billion more this year.

According to the report, the goal of the United States is to get the hypersensitivity deployed by 2023.

In December last year, Russia announced that it had installed the first advanced hypersonic missile, making it the first country to claim a capable operating hypersonic weapon.

China, on the other hand, is clearly investing in its development, and last year it showcased the DF-17 hypersonic glide vehicle at a military parade on National Day.

News report on America’s successful test of hypersonic missiles.

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