By Not Following The Social Distance

By Not Following The Social Distance
By Not Following The Social Distance

My father did not go out of the house except to pray at a nearby mosque, But most would go to the mosque of an adjacent colony for Friday prayers. Where there is no social distance, the Coronavirus has reached them. ‘

It was said to be Abdul Hameed Bashir, a resident of a colony on PWD Road in Islamabad. His 58-year-old father, suffering from a heart attack, has come back positive for the Coronavirus test.

Bashir told the Independent Urdu: “My father does not go out of the house other than prayer and he has not come to visit him in the last days.

” He said that he and his father last visited the large mosque in Colony, which was Friday, March 27.

The only solution to stop the epidemic of corona (corona) virus spread all over the world is termed social distancing.

There is a lockdown situation in Pakistan too, which aims to ensure the social era by keeping people confined to their homes.

Provincial governments for this purpose banned the gathering of more than five worshippers to offer prayers in mosques, which was also supported by scholars and many religious schools.

However, reports of violations of government orders are being received from some parts of the country on the occasion of Friday prayers.

Cases have been filed against several people in Karachi and Islamabad for gathering people for Friday prayers.

Bashir and his father also went to the mosque for Friday prayers, disobeying the instructions, where a large group of people was offered prayers without regard for social distance.

Because of this carelessness, Bashir’s father, who suffered from heart disease and underwent angioplasty in 2015, fell victim to COVID-19 disease.

Bashir said his father had been experiencing fever and chest discomfort for about eight days and often used to have a fever at 102 degrees at night.

On the fourth day of natural disasters, he took his father to a private hospital on PWD Road, where he was sent home with antibiotics and panadol for fever.

Despite using drugs, his father’s condition worsened rather than improved.

On April 3, he took his father to a hospital set up by his department, where he was tested for the Coronavirus. He was shifted to the hospital when the test came out positive, while the rest of the family are in Quarantina inside the house.

Sterilizing three or four streets of the colony, germicides were sprayed there, and residents were directed to remain confined to their homes.

Bashir and four other family members have received samples for the Corona virus test, the outcome of which is yet to come.

Bashir writes in a Facebook post: ‘A person infected with the Coronavirus does not necessarily have the same symptoms. My father had no such symptoms for several days but he was affected.

He said that in case of minor fever, cough or chest failure, the doctor should get the Coronavirus tested.

He also writes on his Facebook page: ‘I learned from this experience that if you or your family go out of the house, you may be infected with the Coronavirus. Because there are active and inactive carriers of this deadly virus. ‘

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Written by Hamid Aziz


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    By Not Following The Social Distance

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