Coronavirus: Pandemic Began??? Research

Coronavirus: Pandemic Began??? Research

It is to be noted that a report in March stated that the first case of the virus appeared on November 17 in China.

Coronavirus: Pandemic Began??? Research

Coronavirus: When did the Pandemic begin??? The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus likely began to spread in mid-September last year and it did not start from Wuhan, China. Research

The claim comes from a UK study that sought to find out the origin of the new novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

During the Cambridge University study, the COVID-19 epidemic is being worked on, and the research team hopes to identify the first person to become the first victim of the virus, after which it began to spread.

While analyzing the virus outbreak network, they have so far been able to find out the genetic chart for the outbreak chart, including how the virus spreads from China to Australia, Europe and the rest of the world.

Some results of this research were released last week and further details have now been released.

During this study, the study looked at more than 1,000 complete genomes of the coronavirus whose sequences were developed by human patients.

Later the virus was subdivided into Type A, B, and C based on genetic changes and the Type A viruses possibly from bats through pangolin were jumping into humans.

Type A was discovered in Chinese and American citizens, with a changing version reaching Australia and the United States.

According to the research, most cases in Wuhan did not show the type A virus, but rather the type B virus was active, indicating that it started to change from an event there.

The Type C version originated from Type B, which appeared in early European cases, while it had patients in South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong but did not find any evidence in China.

According to the researchers, data from the coronavirus showed that the outbreak of the Coronavirus began to spread from September 13 to December 7 and is based on the rate of virus change.

However, scientists say that time estimates may be inaccurate, but currently, this estimate seems accurate, in this regard, further patient samples will be analyzed.

Research team leader Peter Forster said the outbreak probably did not originate from Wuhan as all patients were diagnosed with the Type B virus, although 7 out of 11 genomes were located in Guangdong Province, 500 miles from Wuhan.

This number is very small because the number of genomes in the early stages of the outbreak was very low.

Referring to the origin of the virus, he said that it was necessary to prevent this from happening in the future and that it would identify the factors that led to the spread of COVID-19.

Scientists tracked the spread of the virus for the first time, using the technology used to migrate ancient humans to find out the cause of the virus.

The results of this research were published in the journal Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to Chinese government data, the potential first patient appeared on November 17. South China Morning Post

After that, one to five new cases were reported daily and by December 15, the number of patients with Code 19 had reached 27 while on December 17 for the first time 10 cases were reported and the number of certified cases reached 60 on December 20.

On December 27, Dr. Zheng Jie Shen, from the Hobby Provincial Hospital of Integrated, told Chinese medical authorities about the new coronary virus, until the number of patients had increased to more than 180, but doctors were still I didn’t have much awareness about.

On the last day of 2019, the number of certified cases reached 266 on December 31 and went up to 381 on January 1.

Scientists are also looking for the first patient to detect a new corona-causing pathogen, which is now thought to have passed from an animal like a bat to another animal and then moved into humans.

According to government data, it is possible that such cases were reported even before November.

The results of this study came only a few days ago when the news came out that the US government suspected that the coronavirus was possibly manufactured in a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Fox News, CNN, and Yahoo News reported in their reports that the US government ordered intelligence agencies to investigate the matter after suspicion escalated.

After the US government launched an investigation, the Chinese government again made a statement that the World Health Organization (WHO) also said that the Coronavirus was not made in the laboratory.

Report on Coronavirus: Pandemic Began??? Research

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