Coronavirus protection possible from the ablution.

Coronavirus protection possible from the ablution.

Coronavirus protection possible from the ablution. Experts say there is no precautionary measure against the Corona virus.

According to the specifications, the Corona virus has caused devastation in China.Chinese tourist destinations have also been banned for controlling the virus. People have been instructed not to visit anyone.

Given the large number of Chinese people in Pakistan and the absence of timely security measures in view of the large number of people traveling between the two countries, the possibility of spreading the Krona virus in Pakistan cannot be termed possible.

In Pakistan too, the risks of the coronavirus started to increase. Another suspected patient has been admitted to Serviced Hospital. The number of acute treatment patients has doubled.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued directives to advance security measures and coordinate strategies and convene a high-level interlocutory meeting in view of the threat of the spread of the Corona virus.

In this regard, Vice-Chancellor UHS Professor Javed Ikram says that there is no cure for Corona virus. It is just a precautionary measure.

He said that doing wudu five times can prevent the Karuna virus. He said that 95% of Muslims are in Pakistan and it is obligatory on every Muslim to pray. And wudu is mandatory for praying.

When we sneeze, the virus is left in the nasal cells, even in the face, because doing wudoo, because your face is washed away, can be protected against this virus.

He added that suspected patients should be kept in the isolation ward. It is noteworthy that the Corona virus spread deadly disease worldwide, celebrations were canceled in major cities, including Beijing and Hong Kong, on the first day of China’s new lunar year.

Emergency was imposed in Hong Kong in the wake of the Corona virus, with security measures causing 1.5 million people to suffer from the lockdown of 15 Chinese cities. Meanwhile, preparations have been started to build a new 1300-bed hospital in Wuhan city on an emergency basis.

The Chinese city of Wuhan is the worst affected, with the death toll at 39, and so far 41 people have been killed. News report on Coronavirus protection possible from the ablution.

Source: Newsagency