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DG ISPR Press Conference 19 Dec 2019.

DG ISPR Press Conference 19 Dec 2019.

Major General Asif Ghafoor held today, December 19, 2019, a press conference. He said the reservations we hold in the case against General Pervaiz Musharraf proved to be correct after today’s thorough judgment.

He said the judgment of today is against civilization, faith, and tradition, particularly the worlds used in it.

DG ISPR said that the Pakistan Army is a structured organization, we are under oath to sacrifice our lives in order to protect and defend our country. In the last twenty years, we have proved it literally.

Pakistan's army strongly reacts to Musharraf's case.

Pakistan Army and Pakistan Airforce have shown what the world has been able to do with non-other forces.

No other country or powers, with the support of the people of Pakistan, have accomplished what the Pakistan Army has achieved.

I have always spoken about the essence and character of war in my previous conferences. Today we are fighting a hybrid war against the conventional war against the sub-conventional war.

We understand the nature and character of war that is evolving. We understand the current configuration and what the enemy needs in this situation very well.

As an important country center, we have full knowledge of how external force has tried to undermine Pakistan, and we also understand what the potential dangers for Pakistan could be.

Some external and internal powers seeking to take advantage of the situation want to build tension among us in the current situation. That’s how they dream of destroying Pakistan. That’s never going to happen.

When we know the risks, our response will be in place.

If we have been able to deal with external threats and internal terrorism, we also understand the current nature of the enemies of the nation and will also face them. News report on DG ISPR Press Conference 19 Dec 2019.

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