Dr Arif Alvi shares Indian student’s video on Twitter.

Dr Arif Alvi shares Indian student’s video on Twitter. President Arif Alvi expressed outrage on Monday at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government’s brutal tactics of crushing student protests in the Indian capital New Delhi following a controversial bill of citizenship passed by parliament last week, sparking riots and violence.

In a message posted on Twitter, the President shared a video of an anonymous girl narrating the plight of a group of girls assaulted by the police on Sunday at a mosque inside Jamia Millia Islamia University.

Violent protests erupted across India following the Indian Parliament’s successful passage of the 2019 Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

India must give citizenship to people of various religions who escape persecution from neighboring countries, except those who are Muslims, according to the new law.

Over 100 demonstrators protesting the new law were injured in Delhi on Sunday when they clashed with police who used tear gas and baton charges to disperse protesters.

The demonstrations had spread across India to several university campuses by Monday morning, reports suggested.

In the message posted on Twitter, President Alvi wrote: “Out of 1000 messages that have come from India since y / day, I tweet this one especially as this girl cries & narrates the brutal police action against girls inside the Jamia Milia Univ mosque in Delhi.”

“Modi Govt is at war with Muslims using nationalist Hindutva barbarism,” added the president, repeating the comparisons made by top P.

Prime Minister Imran Khan even compared Modi with former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler last week. News report on Dr Arif Alvi shares Indian student’s video on Twitter.

Source: Newsagency