Dual Seat JF 17 Thunder Manufactures by Pakistan.

Dual Seat JF 17 Thunder Manufactures by Pakistan. AIR CHIEF MARSHAL MUJAHID ANWAR KHAN HAILS COMPLETION OF FIRST BATCH IN FIVE MONTHS. On Friday, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) unveiled its first 08 dual-seatJF-17 aircraft produced in Kamra by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).

“To mark this momentous occasion, there was a grand ceremony at the Aircraft Manufacturing Factory in Kamra, where the chief guest was Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan,” a PAF spokesman said.

In addition to the Air Chief, Chinese envoy Yao Jing also attended the event, while Chinese Executive Vice President Hao Zhaoping’s Aviation Industries participated as the honored guest.

The Air Chief congratulated the PAC and the Chinese National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC) on achieving their 2019 production goal successfully and delivering the first 08 dual-seatJF-17 aircraft in a record time of five months.

He also said that serial production of the dual-seat version was a milestone development for the program JF-17, adding that it was a “true manifestation of everlasting friendship between the two countries.”

Dual Seat JF 17 Thunder Manufactures by Pakistan.

The Air Chief praised the role of the JF-17 in the retaliatory operation Swift Retort, referring to the February Indian Air Force airstrike in Balakot that took Pakistan and India to the brink of war. “During Operation Swift Retort, JF-17 Thunder is the backbone of PAF,” he said.

On Feb. 27, at multiple locations in India-held Kashmir, PAF conducted six surprise airstrikes. There were no casualties, with officials suggesting the strikes were intended merely to prove to India that Pakistan was able to respond to its aggressive actions in kind.

Beijing’s ambassador, hailing the “time-tested” friendship between China and Pakistan, marked the occasion by saying that the JF-17 was a testament to Sino-Pak friendship and mutual cooperation.

The PAF press release also noted that an agreement to co-produce Chinese commercial aircraft had been inked by the PAC and CATIC.

At the Avionics Production Facility in Kamra, the Air Chief also inaugurated the JF-17 Dual-Seat Integration facility on Friday. “The facility will allow PAF to integrate option avionics and weapons systems with JF-17 aircraft, providing much-needed self-reliance and operational flexibility,” the PAF statement said. News report on Dual Seat JF 17 Thunder Manufactures by Pakistan.

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