For Gmail, YouTube & Maps, Huawei is making alternatives.

For Gmail, YouTube & Maps, Huawei is making alternatives. Even though the lack of Google Mobile Services (GMS) has not affected the Company’s sales and it is closer than ever to achieving the top manufacturer spot, Huawei is still working hard to fill the void that has been created due to the whole US-China trade ban fiasco.

For Gmail, YouTube & Maps, Huawei is making alternatives.

The Chinese Giant recently conducted the India chapter of its Huawei Developer Day recently, where the Company’s country chief addressed the GMS issue. Huawei previously announced it would spend $1 billion worldwide as part of its integration plan for users of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

The Company hopes to replace all GMS-based applications and APIs. Explaining how Huawei plans to address the entire situation, country chief Charles Peng of the Chinese Giant said in an interview with Economic Times:

We have our own HMS[ Huawei Mobile Services–ed] and are trying to build a mobile ecosystem. Most of the main features like browsing, banking, gaming, and messaging will be ready by the end of December. In order to offer a good customer experience, we concentrate on how to work with developers.

It’s a challenge we try to tackle. In each country, we will focus on providing customers with the top 100-150 apps through HMS. With developers, content and service providers, we will build an end-to-end business model. We’re going to give them interest.

It’s quite clear that Huawei is working tirelessly to provide its customers with the best services, but we’re not sure how the company plans to replace Gmail and YouTube.

It sounds pretty difficult to create a YouTube alternative and persuade people to use it. On the development side, let’s see how things work. Since Huawei is actually doing quite well with smartphone sales. News report on For Gmail, YouTube & Maps, Huawei is making alternatives.

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