Google Pixel 4a Design And Pricing

Google Pixel 4a Design And Pricing
Google Pixel 4a Design And Pricing

Most companies try to hide it, until the introduction of their new smartphones, but Google is different in this regard.

In fact, Google often leaks the details of its Pixel phones themselves, whether by mistake or intentionally.

The darkness of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 was leaked by Google ahead of its official announcement and this year it has also confirmed the new cheap Pixel 4A itself.

In fact, Google revealed the design and price of this new phone before the phone was introduced.

The renders of this phone started to spread a few months ago and they indicate that this is the first time Google has been given a full-screen display by Google with a punch-hole selfie camera.

But skip these renders the company even installed its advertising board before offering the phone.

The phone is likely to be launched in May, but the Pixel 4A ad campaign seems to have just begun.

Leading smartphone user Evan Blais tweeted various photos of Pixel 4A ads, which confirm the front and back design of the phone.

Google Pixel 4a Design And Pricing Evan Blais

A punch-hole display can be seen on the front while a single camera lens will be on the back.

Google Pixel 4a Evan Blais

Even the price of the phone is listed on the billboard, which starts at $ 399, which could potentially be 64 GB of storage.

It should be noted that the Google Pixel Smartphone Series is considered the best due to the pure Android operating system and camera system.

These phones from Google are among the flagship devices that are often priced so high that most people are unable to buy them, and in view of this, the company introduced their cheaper version of the Pixel 3A last year.

This phone was confirmed by Google on its website before it was even introduced.

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