How To Make Hand Sanitizer At Home

How To Make Hand Sanitizer At Home
How To Make Hand Sanitizer At Home

One precaution to prevent the spread of germs after coronavirus alerts are to wash hands properly. But according to the World Health Organization and the Disease Prevention center including Health OrganizationsThere are also sanitizers that contain at least two percent alcohol.

An increase in the purchase of bottles of sterile sanitizer and the demand for people to store these products at home has increased their demand because of this, some stores have started rationing them while others have increased their prices.

If you can’t get a hand sanitizer from the market, experts say you can make it at home but to make it effective, you need to pay attention to one point.

Dr. Dave Egas told US television channel CBS News: ‘If there is a certain amount of alcohol in the homemade sanitizer, It is just as effective as the antibacterial effect found in the market.

According to Dr. Stephen Morris, professor of epidemiology at the University of Columbia

Properly prepare domestic disinfectants, So it is just as effective as soap and water.

He said: ‘Just make sure you have enough alcohol. We know it works. 

How to make disinfectant sanitizer at home

You will need isopropyl alcohol or ethanol alcohol, aloe vera, bowls, spoons, and a bottle or a box of liquid soap to make germicidal liquids, television channel CBS has said.

Combine the first, two-thirds of the alcohol and the aloe vera gel in a bowl.

Aloe vera makes it easy to get the finished material on hand. When all the liquid is in place, Put it in the bottle. If you want to eliminate the odor of the wine, add four or five drops of lavender oil to it.

If you do not have ethanol in your home, you can use all brands of spirits, aloe vera gel, and a small bottle instead.

Fill third to the fourth part of the bottle with the spirits and stir the rest thoroughly. The recipe also says that mix the tea tree and lavender oil together with the aloe vera gel to mix all the ingredients well. Tea trees and lavender oils also possess anti-bacterial properties and eliminate the odor of alcohol.

What are some other ways to prevent the spread of germs?

The US Centers for Disease Outbreak has suggested That people should wash their hands regularly and use sterile products to avoid touching their face, mouth, and nose and to avoid sick people.

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