Coronavirus: 2020, US Approved Saliva Test To Diagnose. Research

Coronavirus: 2020, US Approved Saliva Test To Diagnose. Research

Coronavirus can be diagnosed by a saliva test, research

Coronavirus: 2020, US Approved Saliva Test To Diagnose. Research


Many countries are facing a shortage of kits for tests to diagnose the new novel coronavirus. New research shows that Coronavirus: Alternative saliva test to diagnose this pandemic.

But now American scientists say that saliva combustion can also help to diagnose the epidemic and that tests will be safer and more readily available.

Yale University research has found that saliva combustion tests are just as accurate as of the nasal swab test for the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease caused by the virus.

The researchers said that saliva combustion samples could be widely used in homes for tests to diagnose the coronavirus.

The results of this study have not yet been published in medical journals and more research is being done in this regard.

The researchers said that in addition to the existing tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus, new types of tests need to be introduced.

He said that one of the problems in relying on swabs is that the medical staff conducting the test could also be infected with the virus as the patient may cough or sneeze during the sampling process.

According to him, saliva combustion is an easy solution for coronavirus tests because samples can be easily obtained, which also reduces the risk to medical staff.

During the study, the results of tests based on saliva combustion were compared with the results of conventional coronavirus tests.

The results showed that the presence of the virus could be diagnosed through saliva combustion, while the risk of being infected while receiving samples was also reduced.

The researchers said that the results indicate that saliva combustion tests could be a good alternative to the nasal swab test for large-scale tests.

In fact, they found that some of the patients with COVID-19 were not diagnosed with the virus in their swab samples, but were detected in their saliva samples.

The virus was also diagnosed in people on the medical staff with saliva combustion samples that appeared to be healthy and the results of conventional tests were negative.


The world’s highest virus-related deaths the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued authorization for the emergency use of a first saliva-based coronaviral test.

The news was announced by Rutgers University in New Jersey on Monday. while university received approval on Saturday

In collaboration with Utah-based Spectrum Solutions and Accurate Diagnostic Labs (ADL), the new saliva-collection system would allow for wider population screening compared to the existing process for a nose and throat swabs said the university in a statement.

Speaking significantly on the impacts of this approval, Andrew Brooks, Chief Operating Officer of Rutgers Lab, said: “This ensures that we no longer have to make nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal collections a risk of infection for health care professionals.”

Brooks stressed that saliva testing would assist with the global sample shortage of swabs and improve patient testing. and said this test methodolgy in new-jersey would have immense impact.

The White House’s Task Force COVID-19 has also called out Brooks to thank him and ask him about particular obstacles to the expansion of experiments and permit other laboratories to gain from this achievement.

RWJBarnabas Health Network is the partner of Rutgers University. other hospitals are included in this and make the New-Jersey’s most comprehensive health care system. All testes are available in this network.

According to Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, total cases were reported over 582,500 and fatilities more than 23,600. these figures showed that coronavirus bitterly attack on US.

In all, 44,308 people have recovered.

Last year coronavirus emerged from wuhan city china. now affected 185 countries and more than 1.93 million people infected from this virus.

Report on Coronavirus: Alternative Saliva Test To Diagnose. Research

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