Coronavirus: 2020 Coronavirus Vaccine Research Update

Coronavirus: 2020 Coronavirus Vaccine Update

Scientists in Belgium make a big claim about the preparation of the Coronavirus vaccine.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Coronavirus Vaccine Update

In response to the Coronavirus Outbreak, and about Coronavirus Vaccine Update British media reports that scientists in Belgium have claimed that the camel’s blood contains antibodies to fight the coronavirus.

A vaccine can be produced from camel’s blood to neutralize the Coronavirus, scientists say.

These antibodies were previously used in HIV research and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Antibodies also proved to be effective against viruses such as SARS, scientists say.

Recent Belgian research showed that llama blood contains antibodies that may help to neutralize the virus, With scientists around the world struggling to find treatment for the current coronavirus.

Vaccine Update

Scientists from the Vlaams Biotechnologies Institute, Ghent, reported that coronavirus outbreak particulate matter in the blood of camelids can be used as a therapeutic agent.

“These antibodies are workable … and further work is needed,” the study says.

The peculiar antibody properties of camelids, lamas and alpacas were first discovered at the Brussels University in 1989.

The limited number of anticorps allows them to attack microscopic viruses more effectively, this technique called nanobody technology.

South Korean scientists also found that ferrets may be a “useful method for evaluating the efficacy of [Antiviral] and preventive vaccines, “And people have responded in the same way”.

Another study revealed that Syrian hamsters had reactions to the COVID-19 that “The upper and lower respiratory tract infections in humans are identical in their closest proximity.”

it is noted that Eight hamsters “lost weight”, become sluggish and destroy the smoothness of fur, crooked posture, and rapid respiration “while infected with the virus, research published in the Science magazine.

Total Cases

It should be noted that the number of coronavirus patients worldwide has exceeded 24 lakh 44 thousand while more than 1 lac 67 thousand people have been killed.

Reports on Coronavirus: 2020 Coronavirus Vaccine Update

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