Lockdown Preparation in US States

Lockdown Preparation in US States

Lockdown Preparation in US States. Three major US states are locking down their citizens in the wake of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. which has already disrupted European health.

Lockdown Preparation in US States

After the US state of California, the administration of New York and Illinois also announced that they would limit their citizens to their homes by the end of this week.

The total population of these three states is 7 million.

US news agencies Associated Press (AP) report that US hospitals are also under pressure from patients, and authorities are trying to prevent or minimize the situation that has occurred in China and Europe.

the outbreak has already severely impacted medical services in Wuhan, China, earlier this year.

 Now it is hitting its limits in Italy and Spain, while 65,000 retired nurses and doctors have been called back to work in the UK.

It is to be noted that more than 2 lac 75 thousand cases of coronavirus have been confirmed so far in the world and the death toll has risen to around 11,000, but close to 90,000 patients have recovered.

Most people show only moderate symptoms of the corona virus, such as cough, fever, etc. But some people, especially those with weaknesses and pre-existing health problems, may be seriously ill, including pneumonia.

The spread of the virus in Asia is moderate and there is also the possibility of a virus return, while cases in China and other countries in the region are now coming from Europe, the US and other places.

China’s National Health Commission announced today that no local case was reported in Central China for the third consecutive day, but 41 out of those who came out during the last 24 hours have been confirmed with the virus.

However, China is lifting its ban on the travel, and efforts are underway to resume economic activity without bringing back the epidemic.

Authorities in Wuhan are allowing supermarkets, convenience stores and some retail businesses to be open from 9 am to 6 pm, which is located in areas where there are no suspected or certified cases.

In addition, one person is allowed out of the house for up to 2 hours for daily purchases.

The US state of Illinois will be banning travel from Saturday to Sunday in New York, with the state of Kentucky and Oregon preparing for similar measures.

Meanwhile, the White House has announced that a member of US Vice President Mike Pence’s staff has been confirmed with the Coronavirus, but that person has no close contact with Mike Pence or President Donald Trump.

It should be noted that by March 21 in the United States, Coronavirus infected people had reached 19,624 and killed 260 people and 147 were cured.

It should also be remembered that as of Saturday evening, the number of virus-infected people in the United States was the highest after China, Italy, Spain, Iran and Germany.

News report on Lockdown Preparation in US States.

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