Madrassah student won a robotics competition.

Madrassah student won a robotics competition. Jamia Baitul Salam students participated in the HITEC University Taxila educational competition.

Students from Madrassa dominated the robotics competition by defeating other 20 universities ‘ competitors.

Madrassah student won a robotics competition.

Not only that Jamia Baitul salam’s bright students also won the Urdu speech competition and the HITEC Spelling Bee contest on the same day.

It indicates the intellect and talent of those who are studying in a madrassa, not just the usual students.

Madrassas often receive very disturbing stereotypical views from the local public, and it is known that they only provide the population with religious education.

The prestige of this Islamic body, however, shows that there are no distinctions between talent and intelligence and Pakistan is abundantly packed with bright and talented youth.

HITEC University organizes a mega inter-university event each year that includes a variety of curricular and co-curricular competitions. More than 20 educational institutes engage in various activities.

Robofiesta is one of the event’s most famous competitions.

Jamia Baitul Salam is one of Islamic welfare’s most prominent educational institutions providing worldly knowledge to their students under the umbrella of faith.

The college provides students with both matriculation and O-level education.

The enrolled students have an outstanding intellect, and all over Pakistan they have won the competition. News report on Madrassah student won a robotics competition.

Source: Newsagency