Manufacture Ventilators And Other Essential Tools

Manufacture Ventilators And Other Essential Tools

A group of volunteers from across Pakistan have come together to find the cheapest, most effective and workable solution to fight the virus. These volunteers include doctors, biomedical professionals, engineers, academics, DOSPURA, resource mobilizers, and other small groups.

The purpose of these Pakistani professionals is to help them by raising funds under their control and developing 3D printing and manufacturing ventilators, valves, to produce a front-line response to the virus.

The group, comprising hundreds of specialists, has announced not only the successful preparation of ventilators locally for patients affected by Corona but also the successful delivery of oxygen to four patients through a machine through a drainage system.

To what extent did the experts succeed?

According to Fawad Bajwa, a spokesman for the group, which supplies medical devices to patients affected by the possible spread of the Coronavirus in Pakistan, Dr. Bilal Siddiqui, Ph.D., is organizing and guiding volunteers in the move.

Bilal and other volunteers were concerned about the emerging challenge of the virus, as there is unprecedented critical pressure on Pakistan’s healthcare system in the current situation. Lack of medical equipment is an important barrier to meeting patients’ needs.

Medical equipment that is cheap and suitable for the conditions of Pakistan is completely missing. He said that Dr. Bilal made things happen by starting with his students and reaching education and industry.

Its purpose was to develop a cost-effective and quick solution to the challenge.

The group is growing daily and has more than 100 engineers, medical professionals, professors, entrepreneurs and resource mobilizers working hard in different teams to create different solutions.

Fawad said the group aims to provide low-cost and widely available ventilators, portable oxygen supplies, facial masks and protection screens, respiratory valves, viral media tubes, non-contact thermometers, to serve multiple patients. Rebuilding Vanity Letters and Organizing 3d Printing Forms, Manufacturing and Funding Support to Cope with the Cronus Virus Crisis

It is to be noted that according to the Health Department in Punjab, there are more than 11 hundred ventilators in hospitals, which is likely to be significantly lower than the number of patients affected by Corona. Punjab provincial health minister Yasmin Rashid has also expressed this concern.

On the other hand, other countries of the world have been prevented from exporting machines to the ventilator companies on the backdrop of the Karuna epidemic, but only the Chinese government has not imposed such a ban.

Report on Manufacture Ventilators And Other Essential Tools

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