Pakistanis living abroad enormous power: Pm Imran.

Pakistanis living abroad enormous power: Pm Imran. The Premier also spoke about the attempts of the government to address the strong resistance to change that has been put up by those who want to maintain the “old, outdated ways.” He emphasized the importance of changes that will add much-needed consistency to institutions.

“Quality is of extreme importance in Pakistan. Sadly, our institutional failure is due to the fact that our quality has deteriorated as far as our educational institutions and hospitals are concerned,” he said, explaining why hospital reforms have been implemented so that quality standards comparable to healthcare institutions abroad can be duplicated in Pakistan.

He regretted that the status quo had met with much opposition to the reform efforts. “The status quo or mafia that derives benefit from the old corrupt system is creating hurdles everywhere.” PM Imran said they dubbed the reforms as privatization, knowing full well that this is not the case. “We deliberately do it to sway public opinion and mobilize people to demonstrate and undermine our efforts,” he said, ensuring quality healthcare in government hospitals was impossible due to an overall “decay in the system.”

“Hospitals have come under bureaucratic control and[ the bureaucrats] have no idea what the administrative structure of a modern hospital is.” With the changes being implemented in Punjab and the KP, the prime minister said that the goal is to compete with private hospitals in government hospitals.

“We’re not privatizing. Private hospital management structure will be introduced in government hospitals so that the common man can take advantage of good quality care.” He said the “traditional, inefficient ways” pose a challenge not only in the health sector, but in all sectors, such as the FBR (Federal Revenue Board), the tax collection mechanism that the government is trying to automate.

He said there’s always a lot of resistance when change comes in. “That is why I always advise people not to give in to fear. It was bound to happen and we were expecting it to happen.”

“There are two forms of government. One only wants to complete their tenure. Our government is one that wants to reform,” the Prime Minister said.

He said that resisting pressure and resistance to change was the job of the government, but one thing was clear: Pakistan can never move forward without reform.

“Our corrupt status quo has destroyed our institutions,” the Prime Minister said many governments are afraid of being dissolved and taking a back foot when it comes to bringing about change.

“I assure you our government will in no way step back from reforms.” News report on Pakistanis living abroad enormous power: Pm Imran.

Source: Newsagency