PM Imran talks about India and Modi.

PM Imran talks about India and Modi. Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday that over the past five years of PM Narendra Modi’s rule, India has switched to Hindu Rashtra with its Hindutva Supremacist fascist ideology.

Pakistan To Sell Unused Land To Attract Investment.

The Premier took to Twitter and claimed that with the Citizens Amendment Act, all those Indians who want a pluralist India are starting to protest and it is becoming a mass movement.

Imran Khan said, “Simultaneously the IOJK siege by Indian Occupation forces continues and when it is lifted a bloodbath can be expected. As these protests grow, there is also a growing threat from India to Pak.

The assertion by the Chief of the Indian Army adds to our fears about a False Flag operation.

He added, “I have been informing the international community about this for some time and I reiterate: if India carries out such an operation to divert attention from its domestic turmoil and whip up war hysteria to fuel Hindu nationalism, Pakistan will have no choice but to respond accordingly.” News report on PM Imran talks about India and Modi.

Source: Newsagency