President Ashraf Ghani wins second term: Afghan Election

President Ashraf Ghani wins second term: Afghan Election. Afghanistan’s president won a second term, earning 50.6 percent of a preliminary vote count, but his opponents may still challenge the outcome, according to a country’s election commission announced on Sunday(Dec 22).

The results of the presidential polls of Sept. 28 have been delayed repeatedly in the face of accusations of misconduct and technical problems with counting ballots.

President Ashraf Ghani wins second term: Afghan Election

Mr Ashraf Ghani seems to have defeated his biggest rival, Mr Abdullah Abdullah, who serves as the chief executive of the country in a shaky government of national unity.

The announcement was made at a press conference in the capital, Kabul, by Mr Hawa Alam Nuristani, president of the Independent Election Commission.

Earlier in December, Mr Abdullah agreed to allow a ballot count in provinces where his supporters had stopped the cycle for more than a month.

The Afghan Election Commission tried to launch a ballot recount in November but Mr Abdullah prevented the effort, saying he would not allow his observers to take part.

In November in the capital, thousands of his supporters protested against what they said was the existence of fake ballots in the wake of a divisive recount that seemed to benefit Mr Ghani.

After the contentious 2014 presidential election in Afghanistan, the unity government between Mr. Ghani and Mr. Abdullah was cobbled together by the United States. Any results were announced due to allegations of widespread fraud, and the two leading candidates, Mr. Ghani and Mr. Abdullah agreed to share control.

The relationship was full of bickering and rifts.

If the preliminary results hold and Mr. Ghani remains president, he will be given the authority he has sought to claim a leading role in the Taleban peace talks.

During the last year of direct talks between the US and the Taleban, he and his government have so far been sidelined. America is looking to withdraw its forces and end its longest war, following eighteen years of fighting in Afghanistan.

How the Taleban will react to Mr Ghani’s victory is not clear. Before entering into negotiations, Mr Ghani demanded a truce, something that the Taleban steadfastly refused.

Actually, the Taleban controls or sways half of the country. News report on President Ashraf Ghani wins a second term: Afghan Election

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