Russia likely to Lift Ban on Import Pakistani Rice.

Russia likely to Lift Ban on Import Pakistani Rice.

Russia likely to Lift Ban on Import Pakistani Rice. Russia is scheduled to lift a year-long ban on imports of rice from Pakistan. Concerns about the phytosanitary standards for grain have been removed. As per a government official, this has opened the possibilities of reopening a $50 million sector.

A Pakistan official’s Trade Development Authority said the Russian government could lift the ban on grain imports from Pakistan.

The state-owned Plant Protection Department has applied the rice export enforcement plan to the Russian Federation.

The official said, “Implementing the enforcement plan would ensure that pest-free grains are shipped to Russia.”

A detailed report was sent to the Russian Federation’s Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service by the Department of Plant Protection.

The action taken to avoid the proliferation of Trogoderma granarium in the goods supplied to milling, refining, storage and packaging facilities in Russia, also known as a cabinet or khapra beetle.

Earlier this year, a temporary ban was imposed on rice imports from Pakistan. It was banned on the pretext that in a batch of rice, khapra beetle was found.

This occurred despite the fact that the consignment was approved by the Plant Protection Department, which issues sanitary and phytosanitary certificates for each grain consignment moving outside the country.

Following the ban, the Russian side has requested information on the action that can be taken to prevent the proliferation of beetles in goods supplied to Russia and information on beetle-free zones in Pakistan.

The official said, “The Russian side was told that there is no specific area in Pakistan that is free from the beetle of Trogoderma granarium.

“Implementing the enforcement plan would help the Russian Federation export pest-free rice. Moreover, the Russian side was called for a meeting of both sides ‘ experts. News report on Russia likely to Lift Ban on Import Pakistani Rice.

Source: Newsagency