SHC stops PIA CEO Arshad Malik from performing duty.

SHC stops PIA CEO Arshad Malik from performing duty. On Tuesday, the Sindh High Court (SHC) barred Air Marshal Arshad Malik, CEO of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), from performing his duties as chief executive of the airline.

A petition by Safdar Anjum, the general secretary of the Senior Staff Association (SASA) of the airline, challenging Malik’s appointment as CEO was filed at the high court.

The petition stated that Malik did not meet the post’s educational requirements, nor did he have any relevant work experience.

The two-member bench gave instructions during the case’s proceedings to stop the PIA CEO from performing his duties.

The court also prohibited the airline from having employees moved, employed or terminated.

The PIA was also stopped by the high court from buying or selling assets. The bench said the bearer of the national flag was unable to sell assets worth more than one crore rupees or make policies at the moment.

The SHC issued a notice in connection with the case to the deputy general to appear before the court on January 22.

Before joining the PIA, Malik served as Air Staff’s vice chief. He is a National Defense University (NDU) graduate and qualified from the United States in Air Command and Staff Course.

Malik served in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for over 40 years before being appointed Chief Executive Officer of the airline.

He was named by the federal government as president of the PIA on October 11, 2018. He was named CEO of the national flag carrier on April 2, 2019. News report on SHC stops PIA CEO Arshad Malik from performing duty.

Source: Newsagency