Simpsons predicted coronavirus?

Simpsons predicted coronavirus? The well-known American cartoon series The Simpsons also made predictions about the spread of killer flies in the United States. The author of the series said that we have already made predictions about the coronavirus.

Simpsons predicted coronavirus?

The popular TV cartoon series The Simpsons are watched and liked all over the world but recently it has become a controversial and somewhat frightening series in which the scenes shown are now coming to reality.

A video clip from The Simpsons has been viral for the past two months in which the coronavirus was predicted, but now it has once again become a topic of discussion as one of its scenes shows the spread of killer flies.

This scene shows that the citizens of the American city of Springfield are infected with a virus called Osaka flu and want to find a cure for it.

At the same time, they reverse a truck that has a bee hive.

The box in which the hive is located has the words ‘killer bees’ written on it. After seeing the flies coming out of the box, everyone there ran away.

Simpsons writer statement

A Twitter user posted the video, saying that Simpsons had made predictions about the year 2020, to which former series author Bill Oakley replied, “Yes, I think we really made predictions.”

Bill Oakley wrote Simpsons’ 1993 episodes in which the people of Springfield were faced with the Osaka flu virus.

In this episode, it is shown that the citizens of Springfield call for juicers from Japan. In Japan, when these juicers are being packaged, a factory worker says, “Please don’t tell the supervisor that I have the flu,” and then he coughs into a packed box.

From here the virus reaches the United States and when this box is opened, many citizens of Springfield get sick. In these episodes, the name of Coronavirus is also shown.

It should be noted that a type of Asian flies has been observed in the United States and according to experts, even a healthy person can lose his life due to the attack of the giant flies. Europe is also at risk of being attacked by these bees.

Simpsons predicted coronavirus?

Environmentalists say hornets could wipe out North America’s bee population, with the ability to eat bees and destroy entire hives in hours.

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