Slippery Indian military officer reached Pakistan.

Slippery Indian military officer reached Pakistan.

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Slippery Indian military officer reached Pakistan. Indian Army officer arrives in Pakistan after slipping on ice near Border

According to the details, it is reported that Indian Army officer Rajendra Singh was performing duty in occupied Kashmir as it slipped due to snow and entered Pakistan.

According to world media, Indian Army officer Rajendra Singh’s house was contacted by the Indian Army over the phone and informed that Rajendra Singh had gone missing and his search was on.

Later, his family was informed that Indian officer Rajendra Singh slipped on the ice while entering duty in Kashmir.

Rajinder Singh joined the Indian Army in 2002 and was later stationed in the icy area of ​​Gulmarj.

To be clear, there are millions of Indian troops stationed in occupied Kashmir who daily add a new narrative of oppression to Kashmiris.

However, the Indian army continues to tamper with Pakistan.

Earlier, Pakistan had come to Pakistan to attack Pakistan on which Indian pilots had just captured Nandan alive by destroying the aircraft.

Later, the Prime Minister of Pakistan had just released Nandan under passionate peace.

After this, Nandan was just sent to India from Wagah Border.

Due to the foolishness of Indian military officers, they are being made fun of on the international media as well.

However, once again the Indian military officer has slipped on the ice due to his stupidity and reached the Pakistani border.

It is worth noting that the Pakistani authorities have not yet confirmed the Indian officer’s entry into Pakistan.

The Indian Army Havildar Rajendra Singh Negi’s family was left in tears after he allegedly slipped during duty in the snow at Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan.

On January 8, his unit received a phone call from Negi’s wife Rajeshwari which said Negi was missing.

It was later discovered he had slipped in the snow and accidentally crossed the Kashmir border between India and Pakistan.

The aggrieved family has requested that the government return to his homeland from Pakistan safely and early.

Negi’s search and rescue operations were underway, and all attempts were made to bring him safely back from Pakistan, according to Army sources.

Negi, a resident of the Ambiwala Sainik Colony in Dehradun, joined the Regiment of 11 Garhwal Rifles in 2002.

He had arrived for a month’s vacation in Dehradun in October and was posted in November in the snowy area of Gulmarg.

News report on Slippery Indian military officer reached Pakistan.

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