Thanks to Earth on Earth day

Thanks to Earth on Earth day

Thanks to Earth on Earth day. Earth Day is being celebrated all over the world today for the protection of our earth and to raise awareness of love for it.

Thanks to Earth on Earth day

Earth day Day was first observed in 1970. It was a time when awareness about the protection environment was slowly emerging and people were closely observing air pollution and other environmental hazards.

This year, the theme of this day is Climate Action.

Climate action means reducing emissions of harmful gases on the ground, increasing efficiencies against climate change damages, reducing damage from climate change, and taking concrete steps to create effective environmental strategies and policies.

This year, 50 years have passed since celebrating Earth Day, and Google has decorated its doodle on this theme.

What’s the message hidden in Google Doodle on earth day?

Google is remembering the world’s most important creatures on Earth Day, which is currently under threat.

Experts say that dangerous sting bees are a guarantee of our existence in this world. If they do not stay then we will not stay, because the large part of what we eat is thanks to these bees.

Honey bees move the polymers of plants into the male and female parts of the plant. This process causes the plants to grow and they grow and flower and then become fruit or vegetable.

Experts say that one-third of our dietary content is due to these bees, while 85% of flowers to grow around the world need bees.

According to US economists, bees in the United States produce an estimated $ 19 billion worth of agriculture every year.

Bees perform this task not only in small plants but also in trees. The fruits in the trees, before they become flowers, depend on the flies to come and perform their poly process.

Be aware that this process takes place when the bees come to the flowers to suck the flowering juice.

On the other hand, we also get honey from bees that are used in many medicines along with nutrients.

However, these tiny bees, which are essential to human life, are currently at risk. Like many other types of animals, the greatest danger to them is the changing climate. Seasonal variations are causing a decline in their shelters.

Experts say the increasing air pollution around the world is poisonous to these flies and they are suffering from many diseases or deaths. Forest fires also cause large numbers of bees to be killed.

Another reason is the pesticides sprayed on the plants. While these medicines wipe out harmful pesticides, they are also dangerous to beneficial substances such as flies.

Experts say emergency measures need to be taken to protect these flies or else our own breed is at risk of extinction.

It is to be noted that the World Earth Day is celebrated on January 22 worldwide by the United Nations.

The main purpose of celebrating this day globally is to draw the attention of the global community to issues related to environmental protection and environmental pollution.

Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in the world in 1970 and efforts to save the environment began.

This day is regularly celebrated in 193 countries around the world to raise awareness against rising air, ground, and water pollution worldwide.

On this occasion, awareness programs are held to prevent people from spreading the environment pollution. While people highlight the importance of this day by cleaning their areas

Organizations working for social welfare go to sea, rivers or other natural sites in the city to do the cleaning and pledge to keep the land clean.

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