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Travel now free on London buses

Travel now free on London buses

Travel now free on London buses. Buses of the British capital, London, provide free travel for passengers.

Travel now free on London buses

According to British media reports, this announcement was made by Transport for London, which provides free and convenient travel for those in need.

The TFL said in a statement that free travel service for London citizens will be launched from Monday.

Under the precautionary measures, will be temporarily allowed to enter the bus from the middle gate only in view of the Coronavirus.

According to the statement, the move aims to protect passengers and drivers from the deadly epidemic.

So far 26 members of the TFL-affiliated staff have died in the wake of the Coronavirus and the bus service was suspended due to these deaths.

Mayor London Sadiq khan says 20 of the deaths from corona were bus drivers who lost their lives on duty.

He says that while providing bus service to the citizens of London, they will continue to do everything possible to keep people safe from the deadly epidemic.

Mayor London says the bus service can be used when needed. Because public transport is only being opened for duty staff to deal with epidemics.

So far, around 20 London bus service drivers have been killed by the Coronavirus. Due to which the bus service was closed.

News report on Travel now free on London buses.

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