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Tribute Through Google’s ‘Doodle’ And Twitter’s ‘Emoji’

Tribute Through Google's 'Doodle' And Twitter's 'Emoji'
tribute to women through Google's 'Doodle' and Twitter's 'emoji'

Google, the world’s largest search engine, and the world’s largest micro-blogging social website Twitter on the occasion of International Women’s Day have emphasized gender equality by paying tribute to women.

This time ‘World Women Day‘ is being celebrated with the promise of “I am a generational believer inequality and I understand the rights of women” and Internet technology companies release video and emoji under the same theme.

Google this time released a short 3D animated video on the occasion of ‘Women of the Day‘, showing women serving in all races, religions, dresses, and fields in all regions of the world.

The short video shows all kinds of women, including the dressed woman, the woman in the bold dress, the woman flying in space, the woman who made her name in the sports field, the politician, the social leader, the doctor and the disabled woman.

The message is conveyed through a very simple video that in every region of the world today, women look like men in almost every sector and it is because of their work that the world is setting the stage for development today.

Like Google, Twitter also paid tribute to women on the occasion of ‘Women’s Day’ and released emoji.

Twitter also shared a gif photo introducing the special emoji of ‘equality’ in its tweet, which used the word ‘everywoman’ along with the hashtag in different languages around the world, including English and Arabic. Equality ’emoji also gave the message that all human beings have equal rights.

Twitter and Google praised the tribute to women, and people around the world reaffirmed their commitment to ‘equality’.

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Written by Hamid Aziz


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