Erdogan: Turkey will not leave Syria.

Erdogan: Turkey will not leave Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that Turkey will not leave Syria until it defeats all terrorist groups there, denouncing the positions of foreign countries on the military operation of Turkey in northern Syria.

Erdogan: Turkey will not leave Syria.

Erdogan told Operation Peace Spring will continue until the region is clear and safe while reiterating that Ankara’s goal is territorial integrity for Syria.

The Syrian government considers the Turkish intervention as a violation of its independence and has repeatedly called for an end to the unlawful activity on Syrian soil of foreign forces.

Meanwhile, a Turkish official near the presidential palace said Thursday that the borders of Turkey are considered to be NATO borders, so any threat to Turkey should be considered a threat to the alliance.

The presidential official went on to say that the first step to stop any threat is to recognize terrorist organizations, stressing that some of the NATO allies in Turkey have sponsored, encouraged and funded terrorist groups that threaten the internal security of Turkey.

As U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced that U.S. military pullback from northeastern Syria had been completed. The move came as part of a Turkey-U.S. deal. News report on Erdogan: Turkey will not leave Syria.

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