Turkish chef BURAK announces to visit Pakistan

TURKISH CHEF BURAK ANNOUNCES TO VISIT PAKISTAN. Turkey’s leading chef, Burak, expressed his desire to come to Pakistan.

According to the details, there is a deep friendship between Turkey and Pakistan which is why the people of Pakistan and Turkey have a deep love for each other.

Turkey and its people openly support Pakistan. The color of Turkish culture has also been prominent in Pakistan, especially since the Turkish drama has been broadcast in Pakistan. The culture is well-liked.

Turkish cuisine is very popular in Pakistan as well. Turkey’s renowned chef Burke Izmir is also among those who are very popular in Pakistan as well as in Turkey.

Burak’s unique style of cooking is particularly liked on social media. A video from Barack is going viral on social media in which he expresses his love for Pakistan and Kashmir.

He says Mara is from Turkey, we love Pakistan very much. On this occasion, he is present with Turkish social worker Ali.

He says that Pakistan is in our hearts. I wish and pray that we come to Kashmir soon. See also this video:

It is to be noted that Chef Burak is followed by over 3 lakh people on Twitter, including Pakistanis in large numbers.

While Burak’s announcement of his arrival to Pakistan was also welcomed by Pakistanis.

Said Masha Allah you are so great we value brothers like you. News report on TURKISH CHEF BURAK ANNOUNCES TO VISIT PAKISTAN

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Source; Newsagency