WhatsApp to introduce a new picture feature.

WhatsApp to introduce a new picture feature. WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned message-sharing app, is mulling to introduce a new feature,’ Reverse Search Tool,’ to curb the threat of fake news that will allow users to scrutinize the picture’s origin.

WhatsApp to introduce a new picture feature.

WhatsApp has taken a step forward in spreading awareness of the news by introducing a new tool for cross-checking images to spread validated and credible news.

The Reverse Search Tool will find the original image with its real source, according to WABetaInfo.

After selecting the image, by tapping the Search Image option, the photos will be uploaded to Google Search via an in-app browser that will display genuine images to users.

WhatsApp had revealed in April last year that it had opened a tip line for Indians to send rumors and unknown details in the latest effort by the messaging service to fight against false news during the national election in India.

The statement read that it partnered with an Indian startup called Proto that will help identify user-sent messages as real, incorrect, misleading or contentious.

A senior WhatsApp executive said India’s political parties were abusing the popular messaging service ahead of the country’s general election in February.

“We’ve witnessed a number of parties trying to use WhatsApp in ways it wasn’t intended, and our firm message to them is that using it that way will result in our service being banned,” said Carl Woog, WhatsApp’s head of communications.

Through educating users through roadshow promotions, as well as print and radio advertisements, WhatsApp has tried to curb the spread of fake news.

It also limited the number of people that somebody can send a message to at one time. News report on WhatsApp to introduce a new picture feature.

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