Why Lower Mortality Rates In The 5th Country?

Germany is the 5th largest country in the world with approximately 69,000 people suffering from the new Novel Coronavirus disease March 31.

Why Lower Mortality Rates In The 5th Country?

But so far only 713 people have died from the disease and thus the death toll is close to one percent, and Germany is one of the few countries where the death toll from this outbreak is very low.

In comparison, the rate is higher than 11 percent in Italy and 1.8 percent in the US, as there are more than 2 million cases.

More Testing
According to Dr. Dietrich Ruthenbacher of Ulm University in Germany, “some countries only test for the most prominent symptom cases (for example Italy) and others have adopted a widespread testing strategy such as Germany”.

According to Dr. Liam Smith of the London School of Higher Generation and Tropical Medicine, there may be several reasons for the difference in mortality among countries, but no comparison is made to how many people were tested in those countries, Germany is rapidly testing on a large scale. ‘

By March 15, the United States was behind only the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Australia in terms of population rate tests, but on March 20, Germany announced that our laboratories now exceeded 100,000 each week, they Have been able to test, though there have been so many tests by March 15th.

In January, Germany was one of the first countries to develop a reliable method for diagnosing COVID-19, and since medical facilities are the responsibility of the states, private companies are rapidly preparing for large-scale tests.

At least 14 million testing kits were distributed worldwide by the World Health Organization until the end of February.

Things were very different in the US at that time and in early March, there were some private companies allowed by the government to conduct their own tests, This led to a shortage of test kits.

Dr. Liam Smith said that as Germany improved its testing capacity rapidly with the outbreak of the outbreak, it had a greater chance of diagnosing mild cases that contributed to the spread of the virus, as much as Early diagnosis will be less likely to increase the severity of the case, which will also reduce the mortality rate.

Younger People More Affected
Surprisingly, the average age of the population in Germany and Italy is almost the same, and they are both the leading nations of the European Union, but the average age of COVID-19 victims in Germany is 46 years and in Italy 63 years.

According to Dr. Liam Smith, large-scale testing resulted in a lower average lifespan, as more tests could diagnose younger people.

And it has already been reported that coronavirus risk is higher in elderly people, while in Germany more than 80% of patients are under 60 years of age.

Good Medical System
Germany is one of the few countries where ICUs have a high number of beds, and that is why hospitals have not experienced as much burden as a result of patients so far in northern Italy.

Still 20 to 30 percent of beds in Germany are empty, and according to Deutsche Krankenhausgesellschaft, a German medical group, there is still plenty of room for critically ill people in the country.

But clinicians there say we are still in the early stages of the outbreak, though the mortality rate may vary a few weeks later, but the testing policy currently looks successful.

Report on Why Lower Mortality Rates In The 5th Country?

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