Will The Military Officer Control Social Media Or Civil?

Will The Military Officer Control Social Media Or Civil?
Will The Military Officer Control Social Media Or Civil?

The federal government has approved rules and regulations governing social media in the country, but members of the National Assembly’s Committee on Information Technology (IT) could not remove reservations.

According to the rules governing the control of social media, a national coordinator will be appointed in this regard, who will have control of the content, but it is unclear who the coordinator will be.

In today’s IT committee meeting, Member Secretary IT Shoaib Siddiqui was trying to find out how and where the National Coordinator with all the powers would be appointed. To which the Secretary IT said that the National Coordinator would be someone from Pakistan, who would have knowledge of technology, but when asked whether that officer would be from the army or the civil bureaucrat, they rounded the answer.

Shoaib Siddiqui further said that if anyone objected to the National coordinator, they could go to court. “This is an important position that will coordinate with all partners, whose salary will be looked at by the Finance Ministry.”

Who created the social media rules?

In response to this question, Secretary IT said that the federal government passed the laws on January 28, which would be approved by the cabinet later that week. It is certain that the government has approved it. He added that ‘forest law cannot be made; the law must be made but political parties are politicizing it.’

However, PPP MNA Naz Baloch protested strongly on the matter of Secretary IT and said that he had no right to impose his opinion on us. How can we say that we are opposed to advertising? Protecting the rights of citizens is very important. No national entity can be granted access to citizens ‘data in the name of the National Citizens Act.’

Speaking on the issue, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Aamir Azim Bajwa said that “since the Kashmir issue started, Twitter has suspended the accounts of 600 Pakistanis including parliamentarians without any warning.”

He further said that the aim is not to overtake Pakistan,  90% of social media has no harm. There is only ten percent who do negative propaganda and who need to be controlled. ‘

Amir Azim Bajwa added that we also know the international norms and are not going beyond that, but social media must be regularized. In Singapore, Australia, Germany and the UK, there are laws in this regard, while India has also filed an FIR against social media companies after the Delhi riots. ‘

Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Kanwal Shuzeb also confirmed that she tweeted in favor of Kashmir, her account was also suspended.

On the other hand, committee chairman Ali Jadoon sought opinions on the law of the ministry, social media roles.

According to the notification, social media companies will be obliged to provide any information or data on behalf of an investigating agency and if they do not provide any information, they will be fined Rs. 50 crore.

The government’s move towards social media has been widely criticized by various constituencies. On February 15, the Asian Internet Coalition Group wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, stating that it would not work in Pakistan with these restrictions and therefore had to be reviewed.

After that, a four-member committee was formed to consult on the existing laws and relevant stakeholders, headed by Chairman PTA Amir Azim Bajwa. The committee will prepare the final report in two months and present it to the Prime Minister.

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