Woman shot in face at wedding in India.

Woman shot in face at wedding in India. After being shot in the face, a dancer was left in the hospital, apparently for pausing a show in India during a wedding.

Woman shot in face at wedding in India.

The social media posted incident footage shows two women dancing on a stage. We stop as the music stops, supposedly because of a sound system malfunction.

A threatening voice can be heard: “Goli chal jayegi (Shots are going to be fired).” A few seconds later, a gunshot is fired and the woman is seen falling to the ground while holding her face. The other dancer has been rushing to her side.

The bullet reportedly struck the woman in her jaw. The incident took place on 1 December at a wedding in Chitrakoot village, Uttar Pradesh state.

Two people were arrested one week after the attack, according to local media, and police are still searching for one more suspect.

On social media, Chitrakoot police have been blamed for taking too slow action. India Today editor Shiv Aroor tweeted: “Due to media coverage on the viral video, this belated action is.”

A similar incident took place in northern India in 2016, where a woman was shot at a wedding round by a stray bullet in the head.

The woman, who is said to have performed at the wedding, died on the scene. The rogue bullets wounded and hospitalized four other visitors, including her 11-year-old daughter.

Celebratory gunfire in some parts of the world is socially common, but it is considered to lead to death and injury from stray bullets. News report on Woman shot in face at wedding in India.

Source: Newsagency